New Erhardt+Leimer machine to be presented at Tire Technology Expo

Fast and precise RFID tag production
Erhardt+Leimer will be presenting a machine producing high-quality RFID tags for the first time at Tire Technology Expo 2022. The finished tags consist of two laminated rubber strips with an RFID chip inside. The process includes unwinding of the rubber strip and feeding of the RFID chip blister, cutting of the rubber strips by an ultrasonic cutter, insertion of the RFID chips between two rubber strips by a robot including monitoring via a 2D camera, doubling of the rubber strips, dimensional accuracy inspection via a 3D camera, RFID function check, a pick-and-place system for accurate positioning of the finished RFID tags on a plastic film, and rewinding of this film. The cycle time is a few seconds per RFID tag. Optional features include a machine interface to the ERP system, marking of the final roll, and a barcode scanner and label printer. The machine is sold under the name EL.TAG.

Triangulation sensor for final check of duplicated material
For the final inspection of doubled materials, especially with low contrasts or without contrasts (black on black), E+L offers the SL 2362 triangulation sensor with two integrated matrix cameras and a line laser. The sensor works with the light-section method and acquires the lateral and vertical positions of the material edges on a running web, i.e. also height differences. In addition to final inspection, it can also be used for width measurement, web guiding and following up actuators or tools. With a maximum measuring range of 350 mm (lateral / transverse to the direction of web travel) and 40 mm (vertical), the scanning frequency is up to 150 Hz.
In addition, E+L will exhibit other systems for web guiding and quality inspection at stand 9063 in hall 21, including an ELGUIDER pivoting frame with Web-Based Management and systems for thickness and profile measurement.

Download: New Erhardt+Leimer machine to be presented at Tire Technology Expo