Descripción de producto
  • Eddy-Current & Triangulation Combo Sensor for the thickness and/or distance acquisition of moving webs against calender or measurement rollers. 
  • Data processing and thermal compensation within the Sensor

The Eddy-Current & Triangulation Combo Sensor, with one Eddy-Current Sensor coupled with one point laser beam, determines the thickness and/or distance of non-conductive objects placed on conductive rollers.

Especificaciones técnicas
Max. distance (Sensor stand off to roller) Z-direction (Thickness) 10 mm
Corresponding max. Material Thickness Z-direction (Thickness) 8 mm (optional 10mm)
Resolution Z-direction (Thickness) 0.001 mm
Laser class   Class 2
Laser wavelength   660nm
Interfaces   M23, 16-pol (Power supply)
RJ45 (PushPull) Gigabit Ethernet (GigE)
Weight   10 kg
Dimensions (Sensor)   338 x 198 x 120 mm
Operating voltage Nominal value   24 V DC
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